UHS provides services to Hospitals, Occupational Clinics, Therapy Centers, multi-specialty clinics and Orthopedic Practices.  We combine knowledge, technology and people power to take the hassle out of our client's Workers’ Compensation claims.

Our system manages every form, transaction and record throughout the claims process.

UHS clients can grow their business while we handle all the time-consuming headaches and uncertainty of Workers' Compensation.  Our clients routinely see significant increases in Workers’ Compensation reimbursement thanks to our services.

UHS manages the revenue cycle of your Workers' Compensation receivables and minimizes bad debt.

UHS takes the risk out of Workers' Compensation claims.  We boost the bottom line for healthcare providers by processing claims quickly and by guaranteeing they get paid.

We will be a dedicated partner with you and your organization. Improving your cash collections is our #1 priority.

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